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Monday, May 10, 2010

I like to feel the wind in my face.

Good Morning! As an introduction my name is Mary, I live and bike in Bellingham with my husband and seven year old daughter. I am on the Board of Directors for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. I am extremely lucky in that I love my job as the everybodyBIKE events coordinator. I am currently busy with Bike Month and planning Whatcom County's Bike to Work and School Day. I help put on bicycle rodeos at local schools and at community events.

When I speak to kids about bike safety I like to start off by asking them why they like to ride their bikes. When I was at a Cub Scouts meeting the other week a few of the kids gave the typical answers: "I like riding down hills" and "Riding with one hand is fun".  But one kid totally surprised me by saying, "It's better than sitting in a car". I couldn't agree more!
Last week at an elementary school a fifth grader said, "It makes me feel free" and another, "I like to feel the wind in my face". These answers brought the biggest smile to my face! I love riding my bike for all these reasons too (plus many more I won't go into right now).

What about you? Why do YOU like to ride your bike? Has that answer changed over the years? Think back to when you were a fifth grader on two wheels, what did you love about bikes then?

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