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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abolish Bike to Work Month

2010 Designated "Bike Everywhere!"
For years now, May has been designated National Bike to Work Month. Businesses all across the US organize teams and award prizes for the longest commute, the most miles ridden and most new bicycle commuters. Let's challenge ourselves instead and designate 2010 the year of Biking Everywhere.
I suggest a particular month does not need to be designated ride to work. How about riding for the joy of the ride, the adventure, the health of it, every time you have a short shopping trip, or want to save a little piece of the environment?
During May and beyond, I challenge you to embrace Kent Peterson's mantra that "every distance is bicycling distance". Reward your kids for riding to the grocery store or ride with them to school every week until school ends. I challenge you to go to the Farmer's Market in your neighborhood and buy all your dinner ingredients from local farmers. Ride to worship. Think up more reasons to hop on your bike and go someplace. Leave your Lycra at home and ride in blue jeans, shorts, flip flops, a suit and tie, skirt and blouse. Smile along the way.
If you take up my year-long challenge, I guarantee you'll reap many rewards and have a lot of fun along the way.
Life is better by bicycle!

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