The Online Voice of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington

About Us

Since 1987, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington (formerly Northwest Bicycle Federation) has been a leader at growing bicycling around the state. We are the statewide voice advocating for legislation, policy and funding that makes it safer, easier and enjoyable for citizens to ride their bikes.  We do this by working collaboratively with bike clubs, community groups, active transportation advocates, health organizations, schools, and others who are committed to making our streets and communities safe for biking.

We cultivate the growth of bicycling by:
  • Teaching citizens to be effective bicycle advocates in their communities
  • Helping policymakers shape policies that promote bicyclings
  • Advocating for adequate funding for bicycle infrastructure and safety education
  • Training teachers how to instruct students on safe biking and walking skills
  • Promoting a streets for all philosophy through public awareness campaigns and educational materials
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