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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Okay, I guess it's more like 1.5 minutes on the local channel, but it's still kinda cool. KVOS, the local T.V. station in Bellingham interviewed me at a bicycle rodeo a couple weeks ago. I'll admit I was nervous, especially since it was my first ever interview for T.V. (not counting the time in 5th grade when my class delivered food to the local food bank and the news crew showed up).

I have anxiously awaited the results, hoping I didn't say anything too outlandish or foolish, it was first thing in the morning after all. Both my husband and my coworkers said I did a good job, so I'll share it with you. If either of them had said I looked goofy (which I think I do) the link would remain hidden forever.
Bike to Work and School Day is May 21st, what is YOUR town doing to celebrate?

Thanks KVOS for the publicity!


Bike to Work and School Day!

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