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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another One on Bicycle Parking

We've had lots of great blogs on bike parking, review them here.

I thought I'd bring the subject up again because something really exciting happened in Bellingham on July 27. We got our first bike corral. The City, thanks to Kim Brown, Transportation Options Coordinator Extraordinaire removed two on street parking lots and installed the corral on Bay Street in downtown Bellingham. You can fit 24 bikes into this space, it is even big enough for bikes with trailers to fit. I've walked past it a couple times since it went in and it has never been empty. In fact, during the Downtown Sounds concert Wednesday night, it was full, as was every tree and light post in the vicinity!

Does your town have a bike corral like this? Are there safe, convenient places to park your bike at your work, school or places you shop?

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