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Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Bikes Invade West Seattle

If you take a stroll through the business districts in West Seattle these days, you're likely to spot one or more bright green bikes propped against a bike rack.  These bikes are unlocked and beckon you to take them for a ride.  Really.

Free to borrow.
Please return.
No gas!
Ride at your own risk.

These green bikes are a one-man public service by Guy Olson and he patterned it after the 1994 Yellow Bike Project in Portland.  Olson paints the donated bikes then puts them out in the neighborhood.  He also fixes them if someone reports that they are in need of repair.  More info can be found on the Seattle Green Bikes Facebook page.


  1. Aaron's Bicycle Repair will also fix them free of charge if you bring them in.

  2. Aaron: That's good to know. Thanks for sharing.