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Monday, October 1, 2012

Refreshing Our Look

Barb Chamberlain introduces new logo.

Last week, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington held a small reception to introduce our new Executive Director Barb Chamberlain to donors, partners and friends.  We also used the event to mark our 25th anniversary as an advocate for bicyclists and unveil our new logo.

We’ve come a long way! 

When I joined the Bicycle Alliance in 1994, we were known as the Northwest Bicycle Federation (or NOWBike).  We were a staff of two back then and we lacked so many tools that are musts today:  high speed internet, social media sites, a website, e-newsletter, blog, and email service.  We didn’t even have a logo.

1998 was a landmark year for us.  We passed the Cooper Jones Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Act.  It was also a year of leadership change with Barb Culp taking the reins as Executive Director.  And 1998 was the year we officially changed our name to Bicycle Alliance of Washington and we adopted our first logo, which was designed by a student volunteer.  Do you remember this one?

In 2001, we sought professional help.  Some tech-savvy folks built a website for us and a graphic designer created a new logo, and this identity has served us for ten years.

But 2012 is another milestone year for the Bicycle Alliance.  We are celebrating our 25th anniversary as an organization, moved our office to a new and better location, and we have a new leader with Barb Chamberlain. So it’s only fitting that we refresh our identity as we look forward to the next 25 years.

We have been working with a great team of creative minds (and bicyclists!) at SDM Marketing Group to develop our new look, and we will be rolling it out in coming days.  Stay tuned!

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