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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Retiring Again

Barb (R) & Andy are ready for pedal adventure.
It's true!  I'm retiring and this time I really mean it!  

In 2007, I left the Bicycle Alliance to travel in France with my husband and friends.  I worked briefly as a consultant, and hated it.  Then I tried my hand in program implementation at Seattle Children's Hospital, and loved it. Except...I missed bicycle advocacy and the day to day excitement and enthusiasm of growing bicycling statewide.

What has changed since I returned in 2010?  What's changed is me and my priorities!  My daughter is expecting; she lives in Portland with her husband, and I want to spend a lot of time there.

More travel is in my future: my husband Andy and I absolutely love long distance bike touring and will combine train and bikes to see more of the  national parks.  We'll help with outreach along the US Bicycle Route System.  I'll spend more time gardening, more time with friends, more time reading, and of course, I'll have a grandchild to teach about the joys of bicycling!  

I'm super excited about the direction the Bicycle Alliance is moving with outreach, legislation, and programs around the state.   We have a great staff, and a wonderful board of directors sprinkled all across the state.  Check our website for the job posting, apply or forward it to a great candidate.

This isn't  "so long";  it's more like  "I'm rolling along down the road in search of another adventure!" 


  1. Congratulations Barb! You will be missed though. We hope to see you touring through Missoula in the future. Stop on by Adventure Cycling headquarters and we'll get you picture up on the wall and ply you with cold beverages and ice cream.


  2. Congratulations - again : ) You certainly will be a hard act to follow, but it sounds like you have some very good reasons for a change of pace.
    Good luck and safe travels.

    Dan in Everett