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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stickman Knows: New Safety Campaign Launches in Spokane County

You know Stickman.  He’s the figure you see on pedestrian crossing signs.  Sometimes you see him riding a bicycle on trail crossing signs.  Stickman knows a lot about traffic safety and he’s been brought to life for a safety campaign aimed at all road users (motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists) in Spokane County. 

The Stickman Knows educational campaign was launched this month by the Spokane Regional Health District and it’s designed to help residents understand how they can help reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle collisions.  According to SRHD, an average of 20 pedestrians and cyclists are hit each month in Spokane County.

In a press release announcing the Stickman Knows campaign, Sergeant Eric Olsen of the Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Target Zero Task Force said:

“Safer transportation is about more than just infrastructure. If our residents aren’t accountable for understanding the laws—or choose not to pay attention to them—it makes it that much more difficult for us to improve the overall biking and walking experience in Spokane.  Stickman Knows addresses so many of the reasons police see these collisions occur, that’s why we’re optimistic it will achieve its goals in reducing collisions.”

The Stickman Knows campaign will be visible in many ways—on the internet at and Facebook, TV commercials, billboards and bus advertisements.  The campaign will also participate in community events in schools and neighborhoods, especially those in high collision areas.  Funds will also be used to conduct law enforcement emphasis patrols, bicycle helmet distribution, and bicycle and pedestrian safety education in schools.

The Spokane Regional Transportation Council funded the Stickman Knows campaign via a $200,000 Transportation Enhancements grant provided by Washington State Department of Transportation.

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  1. Love to know more about how you are going about this and share the road campaign. My husband was killed last week riding his bike home from work. I want to get things going here in Orion Township Michigan~!
    Judith Finneren