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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Volunteer Work Party

Every fourth Thursday of the month I get together with a group of volunteers for what we call a “work party”. It may sound like an oxymoron and, when it was first explained to me, I assumed the word “party” was thrown in to confuse potential volunteers into free labor.

However, after spending several months folding and stuffing renewal letters and creating bike map packets I have come to understand it as an opportunity to connect with fellow cyclists, trade trip stories; dish about the construction on Dexter, the diet on Nickerson, battles lost and won in Olympia and the climate for cyclists in Washington State. Now I am, admittedly, not nearly as bicycle-to-the-core as many of my regular volunteers, but the nice thing is we have that in common as well as the desire to make Washington a safer place for cyclists.

Conversation and cycling community aside I have been making some incredible sandwiches for the occasion. Last month’s were mushrooms in a white wine sauce with spinach and a slow-roasted pulled pork tenderloin with South Carolina BBQ sauce, both on Sourdough. On the menu for next month are a Caprese (Mozzerella, Tomato, Basil) and a pressed salami and gouda cheese, both on Foccacia bread. I hope you can make it sometime.

Info on month end work parties can be found here.

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