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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Legislative Update

Two of the three bills spearheaded by the Bicycle Alliance of Washington are making their way through the state legislature.

HB 1217, which would give local jurisdictions the authority to reduce speed limits on non-arterial residential and business district streets to 20 mph made its way through the House in an amended form and has been sent to the Senate.  The substitute bill limits this new authority to cities and towns only.  You can read about this bill in a previous blog post.

HB 1129, which would require Traffic School programs to teach attendees how to safely interact with bicyclists and pedestrians, has also passed through the House and is on its way to the Senate.  This curriculum was developed by the Bicycle Alliance, approved by the Department of Licensing, and is currently taught in all Drivers Education programs.  More info about the purpose of this bill can be found in this blog post.

After receiving a mixed reaction to HB 1018, Mutual Responsibilities, we asked our bill sponsors to table it for this session and they agreed.

The Cascade Bicycle Club is coordinating passage efforts for the Vulnerable User bill and we testified twice in favor of it.  The Senate version of the bill was passed 6-2 by the Judiciary Committee and has been sent to Rules.

Don't forget to check our website for updates on all of our legislative priorities.  Contact Dave Janis if you have questions about any of our legislative efforts.


Be a lobbyist for a day!  Join us in Olympia this Thursday for Transportation Advocacy Day.  You can network with other advocates, receive updates on transportation issues and meet with your legislators.  Please register in advance if you plan to attend.  Carpools available.

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